There are stories and there are stories. The story of the young hero Cuchulain, half-man and half-god, Champion of Ireland, bearer of the magical spear The Gae Bolg, has in two thousand years of telling and retelling assumed the proportions of a universal myth. When the first English edition on the legend of Cuchulain was published by Lady Gregory in 1902, the great Irish poet W. B. Yeats was moved to write; 

“If we will but tell these stories to our children the land will begin again to be a Holy Land, as it was before men gave their hearts to Greece and Rome and Judea. When I was a child I had only to climb the hill behind the house to see long, blue, ragged hills flowing along the southern horizon. What beauty was lost to me, what depth of emotion is still perhaps lacking in me, because nobody told me, not even the merchant captains who knew everything, that Cruachan of the Enchantments lay behind those long, blue, ragged hills!”

TV concept created by Merv Spence

Artwork by Iain Lowe

Music written & produced by Merv Spence


This great photo was recently sent to me by a Wishbone Ash fan. It kind of blew me away, as I cannot remember that fantastic huge backdrop of the album cover for the UK 'Raw To The Bone' tour.  Photo is used with the kind permission of photographer 
Alistair Mulhearn.

Wishbone Ash 'Raw To The Bone' UK tour 
Click on the picture to hear 'Living Proof' Live @ Hammersmith Odeon.

Andy Powell: Guitars & Vocals
Steve Upton: Drums
Laurie Wisefield: Guitars & Vocals
Merv Spence: Lead Vocals & Bass

Definitive Editions of All Three Legendary “Phenomena” Rock Concept Albums OUT NOW!

Merv Spence
Masters Degree in Music composition/songwriting

Merv Spence is an Irish musician, songwriter and music/media producer, best known for his work as the bass player & lead vocalist with British rock bands Wishbone Ash, Trapeze & the Phenomena Project. He has also written and produced a number of solo albums, with a new album in production, scheduled for release in 2020. 

These are the FIRST OFFICIAL re-issues of Twin Barrels Burning from 1982 and Raw to the Bone from 1985.

These re-issues are FULLY APPROVED by Steve Upton, Laurie Wisefield, Andy Powell, Merv Spence, and the estate of Trevor Bolder.
The 2 CD sets and Picture Disc LPs are IN STOCK NOW with PledgeMusic orders being sent out in time for Christmas – ahead of being released by Cherry Red on 2nd February 2018. The second disc of bonus tracks accompanying each CD will not be available any with any other product or box set.

Twin Barrels Burning
This smoking hot 21 TRACK 2 CD set includes the American Remixes of the album on a second disc, which have NEVER BEEN ON CD BEFORE and includes new liner notes by rock journalist Dave Ling.

Raw To The Bone
This mammoth 23 TRACK 2 CD set has bonus tracks including a HOLY GRAIL for Wishbone Ash fans – ALL FOUR UNRELEASED SONGS from the post-album 1986 SESSIONS. The bonus CD also includes The Friday Rock Show BBC Sessions, which are often described as better than the album versions, plus four live tracks from Hammersmith. This re-issue also includes new liner notes by rock journalist Dave Ling.