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This great photo was uploaded to FB by a Wishbone Ash fan recently. It kind of blew me away, as I cannot remember that fantastic huge backdrop of the album cover for the UK 'Raw To The Bone' tour. Must have had a few too many beers :-) I will also upload a number of the other great live photos that have been sent to me. Photos are used with the kind permission of photographer 
Alistair Mulhearn.


Wishbone Ash 'Raw To The Bone' UK tour 
Click on picture to hear 'Living Proof' Live @ Hammersmith Odeon

I decided to delete virtually all of the old web site and make a fresh start in 2016. The plan is to have a more ECO-friendly, less cluttered journal, that I can develop and update, while I am on my quest. I will add TV, film and documentary concepts in development but, my main objective for 2016/17  is the production of a new acoustic solo album. I plan to write and arrange the new album in autumn/winter 2016, then tour and perform LIVE acoustically in 2017 as much as I physically can.

A new look? new shoes, a new album and a new journey begins! after what I can only describe as several unpleasant years lost in a very unforgiving World. But, I feel blessed, positive and hopeful, as there are many unfortunate souls on this Planet, who are much, much worse off than me. 

Musically I have been very active with song writing, taking influence by going back to my Irish roots. I also found some of my old 12" vinyl record collection in my mother's attic and even with that unmistakable sound of bacon and eggs frying coming out of the speakers, Neil Young, America and the Eagles still sounded fantastic! There is just something so pure and organic with vinyl.

To date, I have well over twenty-five new songs written for an acoustic based solo album entitled 'Songs from the Attic', I also have a further ten in place for the new Phenomena Project album. 

 Irish coast 2017


Merv Spence

Merv Spence is an Irish musician, songwriter and music/media producer, best known for his work as the bass player & lead vocalist with British rock bands Wishbone Ash, Trapeze & the Phenomena Project. All bands have achieved international chart success, including a number 1 single & album with Phenomena Project II (Dream Runner) in South America. Has also written and produced a number of solo albums, with a new acoustic album in pre-production scheduled for release later in the year. A new Phenomena Project studio album and stage show with suspense feature film, is also in development.

New acoustic album & documentary in development

'A strong person stands up for themselves, 
but an even stronger person stands up for others'

Homeless Jesus
Environmentalist/Humanitarian/Rebel (with a kind heart)